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INSIGHT Scans & Chiropractic Postural Digital X-Rays

We utilize INSIGHT Scans to find the root cause of your health concerns, and correct them at their source. The scan is able to detect hidden patterns of stress and tension within the nervous system, which can lead to internal changes within the body, and helps identify potential problem areas. This technology can also help us track your progress in your healing journey with us.

If necessary, specific digital x-rays, including motion study films, may be taken in order to look at the structure of the spinal column. They also aid in assessing possible biomechanical deviations, spinal degeneration and any other underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Ongoing Care

In our experience, practice members function at their highest level while receiving consistent chiropractic care. In our constantly changing world, we are continually exposed to a multitude of stressful circumstances and choices. Our advice? Continue to take care of your mind and body so that you are better able to adapt to those stressors. You do not have to do it alone – we will be with you through every step of the journey.


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