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Pediatric Chiropractic In Denver

Our aim at Revive Chiropractic is to partner with you on your health journey, offering a welcoming, safe environment for you to heal.

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As a family clinic, we invest in kids’ health from day one. Our team at Revive Chiropractic offers expert pediatric care to keep kids’ spines in the best position so they can naturally develop the way they were intended. By keeping the nervous system strong and stable, we can minimize health issues and help kids embrace the joy of childhood.

Health Care Starts in Infancy

Many moms experience challenging births that require extra checkups to make sure everything is okay. Even in normal births, babies’ small heads and necks go through a lot of twisting, pulling, and tugging as they exit the birth canal. This puts tension on babies’ developing nervous systems, which can trigger a stress response.

Conditions We See

Babies and kids stuck in a sympathetic stress response can’t thrive like they should. Because the nervous system isn’t functioning the way it should, the brain and body become partially disconnected. Children may then encounter various dysfunctional challenges, including:

Improving Growth Trajectories

One mom brought in her 1-year-old boy because he’d been constipated for over two weeks. During the examination, Dr. Courtney noticed he had decreased muscle tone and missed developmental milestones. The child couldn’t crawl, walk, sit up, or even control his head and neck. We then performed a pull-to-sit test, which he didn’t pass, suggesting he was at high risk of developing autism. We combined targeted adjustments with corrective exercises to help the child create new neural pathways connecting the right and left hemispheres of his brain.

In just a few months, his muscle tone increased, and he learned how to crawl, control his head, walk, and then run. Instead of continuing on the downward trajectory that he was heading towards, he started communicating and taking off in the right direction as he was intended to.

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A Unique Approach

Staying true to his dedication to long-term wellness, Dr. Courtney values the trust and relationships built with practice members. He understands that while physical concerns bring people into the office, the emotional connections formed keep them coming back. He believes that these relationships are an essential component in one’s journey toward healing.