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Personal Injury Care In Denver

Our aim at Revive Chiropractic is to partner with you on your health journey, offering a welcoming, safe environment for you to heal.

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There’s no such thing as a harmless slip or fall. When you experience any kind of injury, your spine and joints are likely to have moved from the sudden shock, causing misalignments.

At Revive Chiropractic, we’ve seen all kinds of physical traumas and are prepared to help you heal from whatever has hit you. Dr. Courtney offers careful, personalized adjustments to get you feeling better, ready to jump back into the activities you love.

Reconnecting the Body and Brain

Any time your body experiences a crash or blow, stress is imprinted on the nervous system, affecting your spinal cord and brain. Your body then goes into an inflammatory stress response that may keep you from healing.

We want to prevent long-term dysfunction and health challenges by restoring your nervous system to 100%. The better your body communicates with the brain, the faster your brain will start the healing process. We keep working with you until you can dive into every hobby, sport, and passion, unafraid of what life will throw your way next.

What to Expect

At your initial consultation, we’ll start with a thorough examination and assessment to see how the nervous system has been impacted. We’ll talk with you about what happened and any challenges you may have already faced before the injury. This helps us determine how to relieve stress on the nerves and get you the best healing possible. This appointment usually takes 45 minutes.

Frequency of care depends on the type of accident you experienced and how severely you were impacted. Have patience with your body as it does the hard work of recovering. We’d rather take the time now to make sure you heal well than risk years of lingering frustration.

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It’s easy to brush aside accidents and move on, but your long-term functioning depends on healing well. Take care of your future by choosing natural health care today.